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"O eco-eleoparagogos" (the eco-olive oil producer) Electronic quiz for the effects of olive oil production to the environment (in Greek)


General Ιnformation about the Project
Life Cycle Assessment (in English) (in Spanish)


Press release 27-7-2005 (in Greek)
Fileleftheros 28-7-2005 online print
Politis 28-7-2005 online print
Simerini 29-7-2005 online print
Press release (in Spanish)
Publication in the magazine of the Cyprus Association of Environmental Scientists and Engineers (in Greek)
Nea Kriti 18-7-2005 (in Greek)
Patris 18-7-2005 (in Greek)
Chaniotika Nea 18-7-2005 (in Greek)
Mesogios 19-7-2005 (in Greek)


The presentation of ECOIL in the workshop on 15 April 2005 to exchange information and experience on waste management in Greece, through the LIFE Environment experience
Thematic presentations in the 7th June 2006 ECOIL meeting
  LIFE 04/ENV/GR/000110