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General Information

The production of olive oil constitutes one of the main traditional agricultural practices for many Mediterranean countries.
The total amount of olive oil production mounts approximately at 430.000 tones per year in Greece, 950.000 tones in Spain and 7.500 tones in Cyprus.
Olive oil is a valuable commodity with a high nourishing value; however its production techniques generate several negative environmental impacts mainly due to the production of waste, the excessive usage of energy and water etc.


The ECOIL project is co-financed by the European Commissions environmental instrument, the LIFE programme.


The application of Life Cycle Assessment for the eco-production of olive oil, the determination of the parameters that cause major negative environmental impacts and the overall improvement of the olive oil production cycle.

Project Duration


Number of Months: 24 Type: University
Start Date: November 2004 Name: Technical University of Crete
End Date: October 2006 Contact person: Georgios Papadakis
  LIFE 04/ENV/GR/000110