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Technical University of Crete, Department of Production and Management Engineering, 73135 Chania (Greece)
Dr. Georgios Papadakis Email: gpap@dpem.tuc.gr
Tel: +302821037316 Fax: +302821037541
University of Cyprus, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Dr. Despo Fatta Email: dfatta@ucy.ac.cy
Tel: +35722892275 Fax: +35722892295
Fundacin LEIA C.D.T (Spain), Technological Environmental and Agro Food Development Department
Mrs. Cebrian Ochoa Marta Email: martac.leia@sea.es
Tel: +34945298144 (ext. 122) Fax: +34945298217
Municipality of Voukolies (Chania, Greece), Department of Polemarchy
Mr Markos Stefanoudakis Vice President of Agricultural cooperative of Polemarchy
Tel: +302821053479 Fax: +302821053479
  LIFE 04/ENV/GR/000110